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Westminster John Knox Press
216 pages (November 1998)
ISBN: 0664257763

Welcoming but Not Affirming: An Evangelical Response to Homosexuality
By Stanley J. Grenz

In this carefully reasoned and thoroughly researched analysis, Stanley Grenz asks: Are same-sex relationships a viable, God-given way of giving expression to our sexuality? He reviews scientific research, the history of Christian teaching on homosexuality, the issue of biblical authority today, and the practical issues the church now faces, such as the blessing of same-sex unions, the ordination of homosexuals, and the church's public stance on gay rights issues. Ultimately he proposes that it is possible for Christian communities to welcome homosexuals without affirming same-sex unions


"On an issue where so many are so certain of simplistic answers, we need smart people from a variety of perspectives who are willing to struggle honestly with complexity and ambiguity. Stanley Grenz has written a valuable contribution to such dialogue. Even those who don't agree with this conclusions (and he will probably be criticized from both sides) ought to respect his command of the literature, the clarity of his arguments, and his attempts to present his opponents' positions fairly."
--William C. Placher, Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Wabash College

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